Anouk @ Paddington (Brisbane)




Still on the hunt for Brisbane’s best breaky we decide to try out the well rated Anouk in Paddington. Last time we visited Paddington we had a bit of a miss at Lure but that was made up with the Le Bon Choix dessert opposite the road.

We found a park just at the front of the venue, The place was really busy so we were  lucky enough to get the last table inside next to the window! After spying around to see what others had ordered we decided to settle on the Smashed Mint Peas/Goat cheese and French Toast. Remembering the time at Pablo where they didn’t serve any eggs with the peas, I decided to order some poached eggs with my peas. My other half followed and ordered some bacon with her french toast. Both dishes came out very presentable and we we’re quick to jump in.

The smashed peas were pretty good and luckily I got the poached eggs become the dish would have felt empty without them! The goat cheese was a bit too strong for my liking but overall it was a winner. The french toast was not so great in my opinion but its not a dish I normally order so I’m not entirely sure how its meant to taste. Perhaps others may prefer it this way but I thought it wasn’t savoury enough to satisfy, nor sweet enough for those who prefer a maple dripped breakfast. Coffee was pretty standard and overall I think the place was decent and worth a try but probably not a place I’d visit again.

Food: 7.5/10

Service: 8/10

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